Alert! Phishing for Schwab

We contacted Schwab, which shut down access to the accounts and began an investigation. We also sent out an email blast to all of our Schwab clients, making them aware of the bogus email. In the end, relatively few clients received the email, and of those that did, none that we know of followed the instructions on the email. (If you did, please let us know).
Neither Schwab’s nor Clean Yield’s computers were the source of this campaign—thousands of other phishing emails were sent out that purported to be from other financial institutions. However, it will not be the last phishing expedition of this kind. If you should ever suspect that an email from us or from Schwab is a fake, please get in touch with us immediately.
The best way to prevent this kind of identity theft is to never click on any link that is in the body of an email unless you are absolutely sure of the sender. Move it to the “Trash” and then empty the Trash.