Clean Yield Newsletter: Spring 2013

Clean Yield Clients Work to Lessen Influence of Money in Politics

Shareholders have demonstrated strong support for proposals for increased transparency of corporate political contributions.  But in the wake of an electoral season that shattered records for campaign spending, we think it’s time to kick it up a notch. Our 2013 shareholder proposals at 3M, EQT and ExxonMobil call on them to “just say no” to any and all corporate political spending from their general treasury funds. Read more….

Sterling College Commits to Fossil Fuel Divestment

In February, Vermont’s Sterling College became the third college in the nation to commit to divesting from fossil fuels in response to a nationwide campaign on campuses. In doing so, it seeks to “walk the walk” by aligning its portfolio investments with its environmental mission.
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Sanders Seeks to Close Foreign Corporate Tax Loopholes

At a press conference held far from the Cayman Islands, Clean Yield was pleased to join Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at his February 2013 introduction of the Corporate Tax Fairness Act. Read more….

Strange Brew: Hain Celestial Group (HAIN)

Hain’s has done a skillful job of acquiring a wide swath of the most popular organic product companies over the past ten years. Its stock price has responded well to more focused acquisitions, key divestitures, growth prospects and planned price increases. Read more….

It’s Electric: Hubbell Corporation (HUB-B)

Hubbell’s energy efficiency products appeal to us, and we don’t mind the rising dividend, either. The stock’s value has gained more than 50% in the past year and a half. Read more….

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