Clean Yield Newsletter: Summer 2013

Seed Capital

Investing in High Mowing Seeds profoundly changed the kind of investments that Clean Yield makes to have a significant impact on the health of our local economy.

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The Elephant in the (Boiler) Room: Investment Community Finally Faces the Challenge of Unburnable Carbon

The fossil fuel divestment movement has achieved its first successes even before the first billion has been divested. In a time when seemingly all news about climate is bad, it is heartening to see the investment world, after so much procrastination, face the ultimate elephant in the room.

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“How To Vote Your Proxies” Demystifies Proxy Ballots for Regular People

Admit it. You’ve thrown away proxy ballots, those booklets that arrive every spring like daffodils – densely written, seemingly incomprehensible daffodils containing too much (and yet not enough) information about CEO pay packages, board candidates, auditor ratifications and the occasional …

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 Slow Money Gathering 2013

In the two years since the last local leaders retreat, the number of “Slow Money Locals” has doubled and the number of investments they have catalyzed has soared. Over the entire network, more than $25 million has been invested in 210 food system enterprises over the past few years. And more deals are emerging by the day.

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 Market Aligned: Exactech (EXAC)

Just a few decades ago we could only count on having only one body to last us our lifetime.  Today, companies like Exactech are allowing us to replace and improve some of our most worn and painful parts, including joints and spines.

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Servicing the Servicers: Blackbaud (BLKB)

Blackbaud’s programs can do everything from managing daily finances and organizing fundraising activities to targeting potential donors from giant databases and pinpointing wealth opportunities, whether for international aid organizations or local schools.

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