Clean Yield Newsletter: Winter 2012

Fossil Fuel Divestment: Can We Divest Ourselves Out of Global Warming?

The climate group’s “Do The Math” campaign has been launched this fall on college campuses, demanding that institutions of higher learning divest from fossil fuel stocks. Students across the country are taking their elders to task for investing in fossil fuel rather than renewables. Divestment “worked” in ending apartheid, they reason, so why shouldn’t it also help to end the stranglehold that the fossil fuel producers have on our economy and national energy policy? Read more »

The Pay’s the Thing: Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)

Across the country, millions see ADP’s name every other week without ADP having to spend a dime on that advertising. As the largest payroll processer in the country, ADP provides manages the payroll of companies large and small, resulting in millions of paychecks branded with the ADP label. In addition, the company has smaller units that provide complete human resource services to small businesses, and accounting and inventory systems for car dealerships. ADP’s payroll business also gives it foresight into the general US economy, and the company publishes a monthly “jobs” number that is widely reported in the media. This focus on employment comes naturally: ADP’s revenues are linked closely to the number of individuals actually on company payrolls, and that caused a rocky ride with the recession. Over the past year, however, with employment improving slowly but steadily, ADP has seen higher revenues and more consistent earnings. Read more »

Genie of Genes: Life Technologies (LIFE)

Recently, scientists completed a vast effort to map the entire DNA sequence of more than 1,000 individuals from 14 population groups across four continents. Just a few years ago, this would have been time and cost prohibitive. Companies such as Life Technologies, however, have made sequencing, genome mapping, and other biotechnology pursuits fast and reliable. Life Technology produces tools for life science research and drug development, including reagents, consumables, and biological systems. Its Applied Biosystems brand focuses on supplies for genetic analysis, while its Invitrogen brand is geared toward classic molecular and cell biology. Of late, the company has developed the Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing technology, which allows scientists to quickly and accurately conduct genetic sequencing. This new machine cuts weeks of work down to hours and has already helped sequence a deadly E. coli strain in Europe. Read more »

What’s the Plural of Sayonara?

It’s not easy to address the stock market, all vagaries and vicissitudes, with a consistent, long-term strategy. Clean Yield owes a good part of its success in keeping the long view to the loyalty and perseverance of its staff. Read more »

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