The Clean Yield Spring 2014 Newsletter

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(Up and) Down on the Farm Bill

Two years overdue, agonizing to negotiate, and in the end, the usual mixed bag of apples. But there was some surprising progress in the Agriculture Act of 2014, such as the history-making elimination of subsidies that rewarded farmers for what they didn’t grow, and measures to boost organic farming.
Not even a one-year old, the Rian Fried Center at Sterling College is supporting the college’s role as “a boot camp for a revolution in the stewardship of our food system” via continuing education, local partnerships, barn renovations, a blacksmith forge and more.

(Re)guarding Client Privacy

It’s good to be paranoid when it comes to client information (even when you’re not as appealing to cyber-criminals as say, Target or Citi-group). Here’s what we’re doing to keep client information private and safe.


More Than Just TurboTax: Intuit (INTU) Intuit has higher than average return on invested capital, great cash flow, and an impressive earnings growth record. And what more noble purpose could there be for a company than to make tax preparation easier?  

Life-Sustaining Products for Women: United Therapeutics (UTHR)

UTHR’s CEO launched the company to find a cure for PAH, a rare disease considered untreatable. United Therapeutics has prospered while improving the treatment of this disease and treating other conditions as well.