What’s the Plural of Sayonara?

It’s not easy to address the stock market, all vagaries and vicissitudes, with a consistent, long-term strategy. Clean Yield owes a good part of its success in keeping the long view to the loyalty and perseverance of its staff.
At the end of this month, Doug Fleer and Rick Hausman, with over fifty years at Clean Yield between them, are moving on to new chapters in their respective lives. Doug co-founded Clean Yield in 1984 and has been its V.P. ever since. Rick joined to head up CY’s “social side” in 1990, while he was still in the Vermont legislature. In pre-CY days, each had a career involving the great outdoors, and both say they are outward bound in the months and years ahead. Beyond contributing substantially to Clean Yield’s achievements in financial and social realms, both men have been integral to the personality of the company. Both will be sorely missed.