Increasing the flow of capital to BIPOC-led funds, businesses, and communities

Black cafe owners with open sign

Clean Yield is committed to using its tools, voice, and power to address racial equity and justice. We do this through our shareholder advocacy, our security selection, and as an employer. We also see opportunities as an allocator of capital. If we want to see a more inclusive economy, we must direct capital to those historically left out of the traditional financial system. This means directing capital to  funds and businesses led by people who are BIPOC and investing in communities of color. Clean Yield has identified and directs client capital to several strategies that fit this mold. However, we recognize that we must direct more capital to communities and businesses of color – and do so in a way that is supportive, not extractive.

To that end, starting on December 1, 2021, Clean Yield is waiving its management fees on new investments in community entities that are led by people who are BIPOC and/or primarily benefit businesses run or owned by people who are BIPOC.

By waiving our fees on these investments, we aim to increase the amount of capital that our clients invest in these opportunities, thereby increasing the real-world impact of these businesses and funds. We hope that others choose to join us in eliminating one of the barriers that has kept money from flowing to investment vehicles focused on racial justice and equity.