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Portfolio Management

Each client works with a single portfolio manager, but our full team of managers consults on each account. Portfolio managers Eric Becker and Elizabeth Glenshaw are based in our main office in Norwich, Vermont. Dorigen Hofmann works from Washington, D.C.

We tailor your portfolio to your tax situation as well as to particular circumstances, such as your current stock and bond holdings, your cash requirements, and your retirement and estate plans. At your request, we can work directly with other professionals, such as your financial planner or accountant.

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Our usual minimum account size is $1,000,000. This may be met by adding separate portfolios within a single family.

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In addition to evaluating potential investments on their financial characteristics and prospects, we integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) information into our decision-making process.

We eliminate from client portfolios companies that are materially engaged in nuclear power, fossil fuel extraction and refining, genetically modified seed production, gambling, tobacco, weapons manufacturing, hydraulic fracturing, human rights abuses, and other activities that are socially harmful. In this vein, we avoid U.S. Treasury securities because of the weapons expenditures that they fund.

We seek out companies with positive environmental and social records, strong employee relations throughout the supply chain, and a demonstrable commitment to diversity and the advancement of women. See Environmental and Social Screens for a more complete description.

Impact Investing

We are ardent believers in high-impact investment vehicles such as community loan funds and direct private placements, and we make these investments available to our clients when appropriate. “Impact vehicles” vary widely with respect to economic focus (such as affordable housing, microbusinesses, or green infrastructure bonds), geographic focus, and investment characteristics. As always, we seek to find investments that match your interests, values, and financial goals. See Impact Investing for more information.

Alternative Investing

We can discuss with you opportunities to invest in high-social-impact businesses that are not traded on the regular stock exchanges. These often carry relatively high financial risk. An example: a small Vermont company that produces organic garden seeds.

Proxy Voting

Clients can authorize Clean Yield to vote their proxies. Clean Yield has contracted with an outside company that will execute clients’ votes according to our Proxy Voting Guidelines. Our 2016 proxy votes can be found here.

Shareholder Activism

We frequently engage with companies on a wide range of social and environmental sustainability challenges, from corporate political contributions to climate change.

The “toolkit” for shareholder activism includes dialogue with corporate management, the filing of shareholder resolutions, attendance  stockholder meetings, and adding our voice as shareholders to the public conversation through articles, press releases, legislative testimony and other means. See Shareholder Advocacy for more detail.