Post-Roe: Anger and Action

supreme court prochoice protest signs

We’re angry and we’re scared. Angry that vital rights have been taken away from women. Angry that a small group of people with so much power can simply overturn “settled law” in a way that’s in conflict with the wants of the majority of Americans. Angry that this decision effectively makes women second-class citizens without bodily autonomy. Scared about what this means for women, especially those who are Black or brown or who live in or near poverty. Scared about what this means for our children. Scared for what this means for the LGBTQ+ community. Scared that whatever we do – push companies, attend protests, fund pro-choice groups, call our lawmakers – it won’t be enough.

And while we feel outraged right now, we also are not surprised by the decision. We have been engaging with companies around access to reproductive health care and related public policy for three years in partnership with Rhia Ventures in anticipation of this time. Earlier this year, we wrote about what Clean Yield is doing to protect access to reproductive health care – both for our own employees and the employees of some of the country’s largest employers. When the news broke on Friday, we were in a session with like-minded investors and funders, strategizing how to carry this work forward. We are committed, now more than ever, to use our voice and our tools as investors to ensure continued access to reproductive health care for all.

We recognize the despair and powerlessness that many are feeling right now as they seek to take meaningful, impactful action in response to this ruling. It’s important to keep in mind that it took a carefully orchestrated, multi-decade campaign to overturn Roe. It will take a similarly robust, collective effort to permanently win back reproductive rights for all women.

We encourage you to consider ways you can act within your spheres of influence. Consider calling your representatives and letting them know where you stand on reproductive rights. Engage in the political process and vote! Make contributions to the organizations leading the efforts to restore reproductive rights and provide reproductive care services. If you are on a board, committee, or part of an organization, ask how your organization is ensuring continued access to comprehensive reproductive care. We will all need to rise to the occasion and use the power we have to turn this anger into action.