Was It Something We Said? EQT Corporation Discloses Its Political Contributions

We decided to redirect our energies fully to the cause of corporate political transparency, where we believe we can have more meaningful short-term impact. After all, to date, investors have persuaded nearly 120 companies, via shareholder proposals and dialogue, to commit to greater disclosure and oversight of their political contributions. Clean Yield had a hand in improving CVS’s disclosure practices, and are now extremely gratified to relate that EQT Corporation is the latest company to come around. Between last spring, when our “just say no” proposal at EQT flamed out, and last fall, the company got religion, and now discloses quite a lot of information in its latest corporate social responsibility report (see the index for specific information). As a practitioner of hydrofracking, EQT owes its stakeholders this transparency, and kudos to the company for recognizing this. And kudos to them for being open to our input on ways to improve the next round of disclosures. We’ll watch the next report for a fuller explanation of how EQT’s board is involved in political spending decisions, and a better breakout of how each trade association to which EQT belongs uses the company’s fees and payments for political purposes.