The Clean Yield – Summer 2014 edition

Endowments Add Fuel to Fossil Fuel Divestment Debate

Even as the fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining some real momentum by the participation of large asset owners, the debate still rages in the sustainable investment community about the value of continued dialogue with fossil fuel companies, and the value added by filing shareholder proposals. Is engagement a waste of time?
Vermonters have spoken, and they want their genetically modified foods labeled, and toxic chemicals in children’s products disclosed and regulated. Both legislative victories came after hard-fought battles with out-of-state corporations and industry associations.


The Last Place You Might Look: Palm Oil Bears Heavy Responsibility For Climate Change

Palm oil is a pervasive ingredient in much of what we eat and use to prettify, clean and deodorize ourselves. It is also, as currently cultivated, driving deforestation on a massive scale, delivering a double whammy to forest dwellers and efforts to curb climate change. Here’s what NGOs and investors are doing to press corporate palm oil producers and purchasers to adopt sustainable practices.


Women and Babies First: Utah Medical Products

Utah Medical Products designs devices to improve patient safety, clinical outcomes, and cost effectiveness. Its medical devices are used in critical care areas of neonatal intensive care, labor and delivery, and women’s health centers in hospitals, and are sold to outpatient clinics and physicians’ offices.


The Puppy Bowl & More: Discovery Communication

The company that brings non-football fans the Puppy Bowl also broadcasts shows on  science, exploration, survival, natural history, sustainability of the environment, technology, anthropology, health and wellness, engineering, adventure, lifestyles, and current events. It also happens to be suitable for growth-oriented or aggressive portfolios.