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28 Sep 2020

Climate Change and Impact Investments

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about investing to combat climate change is divestment from fossil fuels and investment in[...]
12 Mar 2019

Leveraging private capital for high impact

We help our clients make a positive difference in the world through investments in community loan funds and via private placements in mission-based companies and[...]
25 Sep 2018

Investing from the ground up

For more than a dozen years, Clean Yield has been investing in local food and regenerative agriculture enterprises. Our commitment to agriculture is rooted in[...]
21 Aug 2017

Whole Foods Goes Prime

Whole Foods Market was once considered a paragon of socially responsible business practices. It was instrumental in bringing organic food into the mainstream and had a reputation for positive employee and community[...]
17 Mar 2014

(Up and) Down on the Farm Bill

“When I think about farmers, I think of these bucolic people growing family farms, fruits and vegetables with cattle. That’s not who benefits from the[...]