31 May 2016

The 2016 Proxy Season: Your Final Exam

A not-uncommon anxiety dream (at least for this writer) involves taking an exam for which one has not studied. Welcome to a waking version of[...]
29 Jun 2015

Happy Future Wedding Anniversary!

…to those newly empowered LGBT sweethearts in formerly obstructionist states. Clean Yield is proud to have played a minor supporting role in last week’s historic Supreme Court decision declaring the legality of[...]
31 May 2015

You’re Sending Me Where?

Most of America’s top corporations now have good — and often stellar — LGBT workplace policies. But what happens when those employees work from abroad?[...]
26 Aug 2014

Clean Yield’s 2014 Proxy Season Wrap-Up

Forget Game of Thrones. The real drama this year concerned the fate of Clean Yield’s shareholder proposals and the outcomes of our dialogues with corporations.[...]