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28 Sep 2020

2020 Engagement Update

At Clean Yield, we believe in the power – and the privilege – of active stock ownership. The power lies in the ability to elevate different perspectives and voices and spark lasting[...]
21 Aug 2017

2017 Proxy Season Wrap-up

The 2017 proxy season brought new highs and lows for shareholder advocates. The volume of shareholder voices reached new decibels this year, with record votes in support of climate risk disclosure at[...]
08 Sep 2013

2013 Shareholder Engagement Wrap-Up

In the 2013 proxy season, Clean Yield Asset Management filed shareholder proposals at five companies, co-filed proposals at two more and had productive dialogues with two additional companies. The table below encapsulates[...]
05 Mar 2013

“Abuse of Power”

“The value of corporate political spending to shareholders is highly questionable, even as the risk it poses to our democracy is self evident,” Shelley Alpern told Financial Advisor magazine.