Tag: Sustainable Agriculture

12 Jun 2020

Patient Capital in a Pandemic

In this environment, where gap between the market and the real economy is vast and growing, we believe that patient, local capital is key to[...]
19 Feb 2020

Less Is More with Christian Hansen (CHYHY)

Feeding our ever-expanding global population in a resource-constrained world presents challenges. Like any great challenge, this one also presents opportunities – opportunities which Christian Hansen[...]
12 Mar 2019

Feeding all the kids

Clean Yield donates 1% of revenue each year. Recently, we have tried to be more targeted with our philanthropy, with the goal of moving the needle on an issue: food insecurity –[...]
12 Mar 2019

Leveraging private capital for high impact

We help our clients make a positive difference in the world through investments in community loan funds and via private placements in mission-based companies and[...]
21 Aug 2017

Whole Foods Goes Prime

Whole Foods Market was once considered a paragon of socially responsible business practices. It was instrumental in bringing organic food into the mainstream and had a reputation for positive employee and community[...]
20 May 2013

Seed Capital

In October 2007, I was in Albuquerque for the annual Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in the Rockies conference, which each year brings together hundreds of SRI professionals to network and hear about[...]
07 Nov 2011

Seedstock.com Quotes Clean Yield's Eric Becker

Seedstock.com quotes Eric Becker about the role that the socially responsible investment movement can play in the development of sustainable agriculture, and the impact business can[...]