Tag: Vermont Community Loan Fund

28 Sep 2020

Climate Change and Impact Investments

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about investing to combat climate change is divestment from fossil fuels and investment in[...]
13 May 2020

Impact Investing COVID-19 Round-up

While it seems no part of the economy has been spared by the COVID-19 crisis, Clean Yield’s alternative investments have responded with creativity and tenacity. These small and growing businesses and community-focused[...]
21 Aug 2017

Whole Foods Goes Prime

Whole Foods Market was once considered a paragon of socially responsible business practices. It was instrumental in bringing organic food into the mainstream and had a reputation for positive employee and community[...]
31 May 2015

The Other One Percent

Where is your money invested? If you are like most Americans, your answer to that question is some combination of stocks, bonds, money market funds, and savings accounts. But have you ever[...]
20 May 2013

Seed Capital

In October 2007, I was in Albuquerque for the annual Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in the Rockies conference, which each year brings together hundreds of SRI professionals to network and hear about[...]