The Clean Yield Summer 2015 Edition Now Online

The Clean Yield Summer 2015 Edition Now Online


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The Summer 2015 edition of The Clean Yield is now online and available on PDF.

Proxy Music 

Tillerson imageIncredible but true tales from Clean Yield’s 2015 proxy season, a compendium of surprises both pleasant and unpleasant, some outright success stories, ironic twists, and at least one instance of bad luck. Read more



The Other One Percent

Small shop imageIf every American household invested one percent of its savings locally, by our calculations, we could finance local enterprises with over $70.5 billion annually. So where will you invest your 1%?  Read more





You’re Sending Me Where?

Most of America’s top corporations now have good — and often stellar — LGBT workplace policies. But what happens when those employees work from abroad? Read more





Century Bank (CNBKA): Good Business for Investors and the Community


In banking, some might consider community banks to be an anachronism in today’s complex, fast-changing world. We disagree. We think well-managed community banks can be good for both shareholders and their communities. Read more… 


Symantec (SYMC): Cybersecurity for an Insecure World


symantecThe world’s largest independent provider of information security products serves the consumer, business, and government markets, with its Norton consumer security products perhaps its best-known segment. Read more