The Clean Yield Winter 2015-16 Edition is Now Online

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“Carbon Farming” Adds Hope to Paris Climate Talks
Grazing cows - shutterstockThe implementation of innovative agricultural practices could sequester carbon and, within a decade, reverse the desertification that has been a leading driver of instability in violence in places such as Syria. Read more

The Beginning of the End for Offshore Tax Havens?

Like Law & Order reruns, offshore corporate tax havens have been around so long it’s hard to imagine a world without them.  But the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is trying to change all that. … Read more

Putting Sustainability Oversight Into the CEO’s Job Description
For an average salary of $40,000 a day (net after meals and subway), isn’t it time that CEOs’ pay was at least partially contingent upon the environmental and social performance of their companies’ operations? …Read more

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First Solar (FSLR): A Place in the Sun
The past several years have been a roller coaster ride for clean energy investors. As we wrote about back in 2012, the solar industry passed through the valley of death due to a confluence of factors. It has now emerged from those dark days, and a new batch of solar stocks have

soared far beyond reasonable value as the market experiences another boom.… Read more

Quality Earnings, Quality Food: Whole Foods Market (WFM)
Photo: ShutterstockHealthier eating habits have been going mainstream in recent years, with natural foods taking increasing market share from conventional grocers. That’s not necessarily been good news for Whole Foods Market (WFM), the company that brought organic and natural foods to scale …  Read more