We Will Keep Saying Their Names

white hand written message on a black background "SAY THEIR NAMES TELL THEIR STORIES DO NOT FORGET"

Statement on the Conviction in the George Floyd Murder

The relief we feel in knowing that some level of accountability has been served for the murder of George Floyd is overshadowed by our anger and frustration at how entrenched racism is in our society. It is unacceptable that such accountability was not guaranteed. While this conviction and moment is important, it reminds us to keep our attention on the systemic problems as Black people continue to be murdered by police. We feel heartbroken for the families of Duante Wright, Ma’Khia Bryant, Matthew Zadok Williams and so many others who have senselessly lost loved ones at the hands of police. Our hearts and our work are with families of color who live with fear and injustice every day. We commit to using our unearned white privilege to listen to and elevate the experiences of those who are harmed by systemic racism. In addition, we will continue to push for change within our spheres of influence and seek ways to invite others to join in this work with us. We will not remain silent.