The Empowered Investor

At Clean Yield, it is our top priority to listen to your needs and unite your values with your portfolio. By working with us, many of our clients become more knowledgeable about their assets and more confident as investors.

We regularly reach out to companies on behalf of our clients to advocate for stronger policies and practices on a range of issues, including climate change, labor standards, and corporate political involvement. We believe shareholders should have a voice in how the companies they invest in do business, and we have filed shareholder resolutions for many years. Quite often, we reach common ground with companies and withdraw the proposals.

We are ardent believers in high-impact investment vehicles such as community loan funds, private partnerships, and direct private placements, and we make these investments available to our clients when appropriate. As always, we seek to find investments that match your interests, values, and financial goals.

You can put your investments to work for a better society.

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We’ll vote corporate proxies on your behalf so that you can influence corporate management.

We frequently lobby public policymakers to advance legislation or rule-makings that advance corporate transparency and environmental and social sustainability.

Clients receive our quarterly newsletter, The Clean Yield, which describes our proxy campaigns and other social initiatives and includes profiles of companies 
in client portfolios. We also publish online commentary about environmental, social, and governance trends that impact our holdings.

On a quarterly basis, you will receive a comprehensive portfolio review including:

  • a letter providing our current outlook on the investment markets and commentary on domestic and international economic conditions,
  • the cost and market value of your securities, and
a statement of realized and unrealized gains and losses, and overall portfolio performance.

Each month, you will receive statements from your broker or custodian with your securities’ market value, and you will be notified each time there is a purchase or sale. We will also receive copies of these materials, which we will reconcile to ensure accuracy.

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