We Cannot Be Silent

word cloud of words relating to the Black Lives Matter movement

The murder of George Floyd is the latest in a string of brutal killings of black people by police that have shaken the Clean Yield team. We have felt a range of emotions, from anger to deep sadness to helplessness. We condemn racism, white supremacy, and hate in all of its forms. We acknowledge our own white privilege, both as individuals and members of an industry built on institutional racism, and recognize that we must use it to be allies in dismantling systemic racism. We are committed to continuing the work required to be anti-racist. There is no space for racism in the just and verdant world we seek.

We know that there are numerous resources being circulated about bias and racism and that deciding where to enter into this work can feel overwhelming. We wanted to share with you some of what the Clean Yield team is reading on the subject. We hope you find these resources helpful.